Insulated Glass Repair and Replacement

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When insulated units appear to have a haze or water between the panes of glass, this is indicative of a seal failure in your glass unit. When the seal fails it allows moisture to enter the units which will create a "greenhouse effect" of evaporation and condensation and will eventually oxidize the glass turning it milky. Glass Pros can fix this problem without having to replace you entire window. Glass Pros will come out and take measurements to replace the unit and make it look like it never happened.

We are able to get a new insulated glass unit and replace the old damage glass unit without the expense of replacing the entire window. This allows the homeowner to maintain the look of the home with minimum invasion. In most cases the entire process takes between one to three weeks.

Size of the glass, grids, solar options, and location in the home affect price but let us assure you we are fair and explain the entire process.

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